Services for Individuals

Understanding that individuals can have a complex range of needs, Connections has a number of programs that can provide information and options to help with personal development and enhance coping skills.

Whether they are facing financial difficulties, struggling to cope with a family member’s use of drugs or alcohol, pregnant at a young age, at risk of physical, sexual or emotional abuse or at risk of homelessness, we can help provide both information and options for moving forward in a positive way.

In some circumstances, the challenges people face on a daily basis can have a significant negative impact on their lives, so we aim to create positive experiences for them. These experiences are a vital and validating source of support to help re-build a sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Our support services include counselling, structured therapeutic groups, mediation, and interest free loans. We ultimately strive for maintaining relationships and family reunification wherever possible, if a stable, secure and caring family environment is available to them.

We also deliver training and community development initiatives to assist in raising awareness and education in the community about family violence to improve the safety of women and children.