Services for young people

Through a range of programs, Connections ensures that children, young people and their families are linked into services that are relevant and helpful to improving their lives.

Our programs work to build positive family relationships and parenting skills and can offer mediation and diversionary services as well as counselling and support programs. We understand that maintaining relationships, supporting the family unit, developing and enhancing coping skills and the ability of families to support each other is vital for young people.

We offer services for young people which include antenatal and postnatal support, support in resolving housing issues, intensive therapeutic support, in-home support and counselling. In addition, we can provide early intervention where youth homelessness is a risk, with the aim of restoring family unity or supporting family reunification. Our programs can help develop long-term strategies to build trust, facilitate dialogue or break the cycle of homelessness.

Our services also extend to schools and community service providers to help support students who are experiencing issues in their lives and help them cope with difficult times.