Our stories

We tell the real (sometimes raw) stories of people we work with using their own words to communicate who we are and the inspiring work we do in the community.

Our stories reflect our vision of empowered children, young people and families, enjoying wholeness and fullness of life within socially inclusive communities.

In this section you can read the story of Jessica who says 'I just encourage young mums to know that they're not alone, there's support out there, there's Connections out there.' Or the story of Tina who says 'I guess in a way I know I did it myself but it was nice that someone was there to give me a bit of a kick in the bottom. My Connections worker was there like I had a partner, but she didn't live with me but she understood me.'

To find out more about those who have been supported by Connections, click on the links below or listen to Paige tell her story.