Save the date - Connections UnitingCare Conference

The Connections UnitingCare Conference: Making Lives Better - Improving Life Outcomes for Vulnerable Children and Families, will explore how we build services around clients in a changing, complex world.

With keynote speakers from around the world, the conference will cover topics such as; cultural responsiveness and awareness; early intervention; measuring change in the context of challenge and workforce development. It will highlight best practice and empower you to work more effectively with clients presenting with complex needs.

When: 25-26 MAY 2016

183 Exhibition Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

The conference will provide a unique forum which will advance thinking and innovative practice in the four key sub-theme areas:

Cultural responsiveness and awareness
- How agencies manage clients' needs in a culturally sensitive way.
- How agencies manage with less specialist services being available.

Early intervention
- How the development of practical skills and tools can help with early intervention.
- Programs that demonstrate vision and innovation which make a real difference and give hope to vulnerable families.

Measuring change in the context of challenge
- Dealing with complex families and demonstration of positive outcomes.
- Trauma informed practice in the context of working with clients.
- Innovation in practice and managing demand.
- Examples of latest research and theoretical frameworks with positive outcomes for clients.

Workforce development
- How multidisciplinary teams function effectively to improve outcomes.
- Examples of how working collaboratively has improved outcomes for clients.
- Programs with frameworks which are transferable to different contexts.

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25 May 2016 to 26 May 2016