What will thousands of young children get for Christmas this year?

For many of us, Christmas is a time of celebration – spending time with our loved ones, sharing gifts and enjoying a Christmas lunch. Our day is filled with love and laughter, surrounded by friends and family while our children open their gifts, longing for that special toy they asked Santa for.

For Emily, Christmas has always been a special time of year. Growing up she remembers her family’s big white Christmas tree surrounded by gifts. But when her parents separated, things quickly changed and Christmas was no longer a day to celebrate.

“After that we barely ever celebrated Christmas, because we couldn’t afford it.”

Now, Emily has children of her own, and sadly Christmas hasn’t gotten any easier.

As a single mother of two young girls Lalinda and Mila, Emily does her best to provide them with everything that they need all year round, but when it comes to Christmas, her budget simply can’t stretch that far. And this year is set to be the hardest, with the children’s father no longer providing child support payments.

“It makes me sad that as a parent I can’t give the girls a great Christmas because of my financial circumstances. It’s really sad when you see people posting photos or people out-and-about doing things, and I can’t even afford a proper dinner. Christmas is supposed to be about the girls receiving presents, and spending time as a family, but it’s hard when you don’t even have petrol to go and visit anyone.”

Emily’s greatest fear is that her daughters will wake on Christmas morning to find nothing under the Christmas tree.

Can you give children like Lalinda and Mila something to celebrate this Christmas?

Sadly there are many parents who share the same fear as Emily this Christmas, unable to afford food and gifts for their families.

Last year, Connections was able to provide more than 3,650 gifts and 498 food hampers to families in need. But we can’t do it without the support of people like you.

Please donate today to buy a gift for a child in need.

With your donation, we will ensure Emily and her daughters have the Christmas they deserve, but more importantly, your support will let Emily know she is not alone.

“During Christmas, when you can’t afford gifts and a Christmas lunch, it feels like you’re the only one. And sometimes I think ‘shame on me, I should have tried harder, what kind of parent am I, that I can’t give them a Christmas?’”

For Emily, nothing means more to her than her children and being able to create precious memories for her daughters to cherish as they grow older.

Your donation will ensure that Lalinda and Mila wake on Christmas morning to find gifts under the tree, just for them, and help Emily create a Christmas to remember forever.

Please make a donation today to give children like Lalinda and Mila a Christmas to remember.